We provide financial record-keeping to businesses, ensuring transparency and facilitating informed decision-making.

  • General Ledger Management
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Financial Reports

Human Resources

We provide services such as payroll processing, benefits administration, HR compliance, and recruitment assistance.

  • Payroll Processing

  • HR Compliance & Documentation

  • Employee Benefits Administration
  • Recruitment & Onboarding


We ensure businesses adhere to regulatory requirements and industry standards, maintaining accurate financial records.

  • Compliance Assessment

  • Policy & Procedure Development

  • Ongoing Monitoring and Auditing

  • Compliance Training and Education

METRC Data Entry

We provide efficient & accurate entry of cannabis-related data into the METRC tracking system, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Transfer Data from Paper to Database
  • Input and Audit Data Provided
  • Update Existing Database
  • Retrieve Data from the Database

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